Women Weightlifting Grand Prix – Tomkowiak with new PR, Meister lifts Swiss record

At the International Women Weightlifting Grand Prix in Luxembourg the two Weightlifting Shop athletes Scheila Meister and Lena Tomkowiak showed strong performances. While Tomkowiak was rewarded with a new PR and the silver medal, the Swiss champion lifted a new national record in the clean and jerk.

This year’s International Women Weightlifting Grand Prix is in the books. Over the past two days, the participants of the 17th Women Grand Prix were able to gain experience on the international competition stage and compete with lifters from over 18 nations.

Among others, the two Weightlifting Shop athletes Lena Tomkowiak and Scheila Meister made the journey to Luxembourg. Both competed in the weight class up to 59 kg and were more than satisfied after the competition. Tomkowiak, who lifted 74 kg in the snatch (74/77x/77x) and 100 kg in the clean and jerk (93/97/100), won the silver medal in her category behind Catrin Jones from Wales. “That was a very emotional competition for me. Unfortunately, the snatch didn’t go as well as I had planned. I failed in the second and third attempt at 77 kg and was a bit sad afterwards, but then I motivated myself again for the clean and jerk. I lifted a new best of 100 kg and I am very happy about that,” said the 26-year-old.

Lena Tomkowiak with a new PR
of 100 kg in the clean and jerk.

Swiss Meister also brought a similar competition to the platform. Also for the 35-year-old the first discipline snatch did not go as desired, all three attempts (80x/80x/82x) failed. However, she was to be all the more convincing in the clean and jerk. With a valid 107 kg in her third attempt (95/103/107) she not only lifted the same load as the first-placed Jones, but also set a new Swiss record. “With this result I am very satisfied and happy. I had a long journey to the competition and had actually set my sights on more, but with the new Swiss record, which I beat by two kilograms, I’m very happy.”

Loredana Toma outshines the competition

Probably the most impressive performance on yesterday’s competition day was shown by Romanian Loredana Toma. The twelve-time European and four-time world champion gave her competitors no chance in her first international competition since the 2021 European Championships in Moscow and won the weight category up to 71 kg with a body weight of 67 kg without any problems.

Loredana Toma With her third attempt in the snatch of 114 kg.

The 26-year-old brought all her six attempts valid on the platform and came very close to the European record with 114 kg in the snatch (100/107/114), which is 118 kg. With 123 kg, 130 kg and 135 kg in the clean and jerk the Romanian completed her performance and was crowned best lifter of the 17th International Women Weightlifting Grand Prix.

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