CrossFit Games 2022 – Showdown for Moritz Fiebig

Wednesday is the day - Madison, Wisconsin, will host this year's CrossFit Games from Aug. 3-7. Weightlifting Shop athlete Moritz Fiebig has also made the journey to the USA, where he will be the only German athlete to compete against the best in the world at the CrossFit Games.

In each of his numerous hard, sweaty training sessions, Moritz Fiebig gave his best and it paid off. When the CrossFit Games kick off in Madison on Wednesday, August 3, the Weightlifting Shop athlete will also be a part of it. Finishing fourth at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, one of the semifinal events, he rewarded his hard work and qualified for the CrossFit Games.

Through the Open, the Quarter- and Semifinals to the Games

This year’s CrossFit season began at the end of February with the CrossFit Open, where all athletes worldwide had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in three workouts. Weightlifting Shop athlete Fiebig came in third in Germany behind Odo Federolf and Mats Cibis and easily managed the qualification for the following quarterfinals.

At this event, the athletes had to complete five workouts. In the end, only the best 60 men and women in Europe could qualify for the final qualifying competitions for the Games, the Semifinals. The Hamburg native put in an impressive performance in the Quarterfinals, eventually qualifying for the Semifinals in commanding fashion in fifth place in Europe.

These then took place for the 27-year-old in May in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown. Fiebig had to compete against 29 of the best European athletes and more than successfully mastered this task in the end. Before the sixth and decisive workout, the Hamburg native was still in seventh place, but the belief that he would still make it into the top five was 100 percent there. And he was right: Fiebig put everything into this last workout and crossed the finish line first, moving up to fourth place. “That was the best feeling of my life. I’ve never been so happy.”

Moritz Fiebig is the only German athlete competing at the CrossFit Games this year.

“Learning as much as possible”

Two and a half months have now passed since the semifinals and the CrossFit Games are just around the corner. Fiebig is among the top 40 athletes in the world this year, including Justin Medeiros, Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer and many more, and will have to prove his skills in many different workouts from Wednesday to Sunday. And the 27-year-old has prepared himself very well for this. Since the semifinals he belongs to the camp of “The Progrm” and went with them to Mallorca for a training camp. “These experienced male and female athletes give me a sense of security, which is why I am very happy to be on this team. The Games Camp was filled with swimming, cycling and things that you don’t do for “normal” competitions. So it was a great experience and I realized that I’m better than I thought in events like this.”

After training-intensive days on Mallorca, the CrossFit Games were a bit closer and the trip to America was on the agenda to continue the preparation there. “I didn’t have jet lag because I straight went to workout and was able to maintain my rhythm. But it was insane how much appreciation I was received and treated with in America.” Fiebig found optimal conditions in a sports hotel, and thanks to the founder of “The Program,” the athletes were able to train in great CrossFit boxes in Chicago.

In America, Moritz fiebig is making his final preparations for the crossfit games.

In the meantime, Fiebig has made the trip to Madison, has been provided with everything he needs and is now waiting for the announcements of the first workouts. The tension rises, but the Weightlifting Shop athlete knows what he wants to accomplish at this year’s CrossFit Games. “I don’t have any ambitions concerning the leaderboard. I want to do my best, represent Germany well and learn as much as possible so that I can really attack next year.”

The Weightlifting Shop wishes Moritz Fiebig good luck at the CrossFit Games!

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