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Born Strong Athlete Backpack

Born Strong – “Made for the Community”

Sustainable and fairly priced products with attention to detail - This is what Born Strong offers, expressing the passion for our sport.

Around two and a half years ago, at the beginning of 2020, Lukas Padlesak first had an idea running through his head. As a “child of the community” – as he describes himself – he was missing some products in the CrossFit scene, such as patches, among others. “There were hardly any like that with German slogans at that time. Then I was also often annoyed by prices of some items. Weight vests cost 250 euros at the time and were so not in any cost-benefit ratio,” Born Strong founder Padlesak looks back.

Especially patches with German slogans had been missing on the market for Lukas Padlesak.

At the same time as the idea of producing patches, the Athlete Backpack was born. Although there were already backpacks at that time, but they were also priced very high and also only equipped with small areas for patches. “But I wanted to be able to put patches everywhere, including on the straps. So I fiddled and ended up putting Velcro on the entire surface of the backpack, not just on a few strips.”

And the Athlete Backpack not only brings plenty of room for patches, but also some other useful details. E.g. there is a Grip Holder, so you don’t have to put your sweaty grips in your backpack after a workout, but you can attach them to the outside and let them dry there. A laundry bag and a bag for shoes also prevent unpleasant odors in the backpack and also provide order.

The assortment grows

After launching the first products on the market with patches, the Athlete Backpack, lifting straps and wrist wraps, Padlesak continued to expand the range. Sweatbands, a weightlifting belt and a weight vest, cool shirts, hoodies and socks were added. And the team grew over time, too. Padlesak, who still works full time as an educator, is now supported in shipping and also by Behind the Barbell founder Julian, who oversees and expands some areas of responsibility.

Besides equipment Born Strong also offers cool shirts, hoodies and socks.

This is how Born Strong has made a name in the CrossFit scene over the past two years. With the goal of realizing products that were missed, improving existing ones and offering them at a fair price, Padlesak has reached out to many CrossFit athletes and weightlifters. “But of course we would also like to pick up every other fitness enthusiast, and the goal is of course to grow even more, expand the brand and establish ourselves in Europe.”

And Born Strong is well on its way to achieving this. For example, the backpack has already been shipped to eleven countries, including Canada, and the products are also popular in Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

“Would like to create sustainable and fair products”

In the meantime, Born Strong has been on the market for around two and a half years, and has been able to score points with its products and convince its fitness-loving customers during this time, and not without reason. “The quality and claim of the products must be such that I myself give them out to the customers with a clear conscience. I myself have to be 100 percent convinced of them.” And Padlesak also attaches great importance to sustainable and fair products. He avoids plastic as much as possible and prevents exploitation in production, for example, by having the textiles finished by the Born Strong team itself or in Europe.

“In general, I enjoy this journey with all its ups as well as downs and am grateful for the people I was able to meet and made as friends. What I have experienced and, above all, learned in two years is incredible!”

Lukas Padlesak

And on this journey, Padlesak and his team now have the Weightlifting Shop as a partner. So from now on you can find high-quality and fairly priced Born Strong products in the store. “For us, the partnership is of course also a great opportunity to present ourselves again to a large number of people who may not know us yet.”

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